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The TailorMade Bodiez Team is one of the best teams of fitness professionals in Bergen County! Highly skilled and knowledgeable in fitness and nutrition, motivated and eager to help individuals reach and exceed their fitness goals. The team is extensively trained in the fitness methods employed by Aaron Seaton, the creator and founder of TailorMadeBodiez who has been training since 2007. Aaron received his education from the military and certifications through various respectable fitness institutions. He uses his successful athletic and military background to make all Tailormade Bodiez workouts unique and challenging. Aaron has trained for 9 years as a competitive bodybuilding athlete and is also very well-rounded in training a range of people from kids to high-profile clients.

Debating whether or not to hire a professional trainer? A Swedish study conducted on female volleyball players found that athletes who exercised under the watchful eye of a physiotherapist improved their athletic performance by 50% and experienced less injury than those who exercised alone. Training with professional supervision may be the missing ingredient in your workout plan. Splurge on a few bi-weekly sessions to help protect your form, learn new strength moves and receive the fitness motivation you deserve. Please email or call us at 201-354-8710 for a free consultation.TailorMadeBodiez program is designed for all fitness levels, sexes, and ages. Discover the fastest way to fire up your metabolism for new fitness gains and amazing full body results! Experience this unique program that combines strength and muscle toning using tools such as kettlebells, heavy ropes, TRX suspension rings, body bars, and dumbbells to give you a workout never before experienced.

Meet Our Team

You have goals? WE make sure you reach them

Aaron Seaton


The creator and founder of TailorMade Bodiez, Aaron Seaton, has been making lifestyle changes to clients since 2007. He uses his successful athletic and military background to make all of his workouts unique and challenging. By following his principle “Progression over time equals results,” Aaron has assisted hundreds of clients see their respective goals come to fruition. After receiving his education from the military, Aaron pursued his passion for fitness by obtaining his certifications through NASM and continues to encourage those who seek to make a lifestyle change.


Nick Sequeira

Master Trainer

Nick Sequeira is a dynamic personal trainer who works with clientele looking to improve their overall health through fitness. He fell in love with fitness after going through his own body transformation and he wanted to help those who need guidance and support through their journey. He believes that through hard work and determination goals of any magnitude can become a reality. Nick is accredited through NASM and highlights his training as functional. His motto is that health and wellness are very important and are a perfect example to set for your family.


Noemy Mercedes

Master Trainer

Noemy Mercedes is a strength and conditioning fitness professional who started her positive lifestyle journey in 2011. Her approach to training is based on her belief that functional movements as well as complex lifts truly transform the body mentally and physically. She strongly believes an active lifestyle leads to a better quality of life. Noemy specializes in all levels of fitness, guiding them towards success. Noemy is certified through International Sports Science Association (ISSA). Her motto is: “Don’t overcomplicate things, JUST START.”


Enrico Addeo

Master Trainer

Enrico believes that an individual’s body is in a state of constant change. It is crucial to understand the importance of experiencing both negative and positive change. The physical hardships one encounters should serve as motivation to push through adversity. On the other hand, positive change reminds us that hard work pays off. Always remember , goal achievement is a marathon, not a sprint. As a fitness professional, Enrico takes the responsibility to improve body mechanics by identifying muscle imbalances and ultimately creating a high intensity training program that not only improves those deficiencies, but focuses on muscle endurance and flexibility. Those who train with him and experience his class will learn how to exercises efficiently, and in turn, reach their goals faster and safer, one day at a time. “There’s no substitute for hard work. Stay humble and remain hungry.”


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2009 United States Airforce Most Physically Fit Airmen


2010 Golds Classic Novice Men Champion 1st Place


2012 Tri-state Champion Novice Men 1st Place


2013 Tri-state Championships Open Mens Class Champion 1st Place


2014 Team Universe Nationally Ranked Competition Mens Open 2nd Place

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Train muscles you never thought you had
Slash body fat
Get personalized attention
Lose inches around your waist
Tone and shape your entire body

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