• All progress takes place outside the comfort zone


Tailormadebodiez is a boutique personal training
studio specializing in weight loss, building lean muscle tissue,
rehab, corrective work, pre/post Nat’l,&
transforming you towards a overall lifestyle change.
We believe in “Consistency over time equals results”
with our proven methods. You’re guaranteed to scale your
fitness and achieve your goals.

Get these results:

  • Train muscles you never thought you had
  • Slash body fat
  • Get personalized attention
  • Lose inches around your waist
  • Tone and shape your entire body

We’re passionate about assisting you towards
you goals and objectives. From the moment you
walk into our studio, our mission is
to ensure you made the right decision by placing
us in your hands. Together, we’ll figure out the
appropriate plan that will scale your results far
beyond your expectations!

First –We align you with one of our Master Fitness Professionals.


It all starts with your Tailormadebodiez Instructor. For over 7 years we
have aligned hundreds of our members with our top tier experts
who understand how the body moves and design a program
specific to you that supports your unique goals.

Second- We Lay a Foundation of Fitness

We want this journey to be filled with hopeful
expectation of a clear goal. By peeling back the layers of your
current dietary habits and lifestyle we carefully construct and
outline our baseline of where we need you to start so we may scale your fitness.
By carefully getting your measurents, bodyfat and BMI and taking
you through an appropriate fitness assessment we can navigate
your goals clearly and develop the right blueprint for your success.

Lastly, Our Journey Begins.

Now that the blueprint is constructed. Lets get to work!
We are RESULTS DRIVEN. And we want to bring a level of excitement
to your workouts. By using best practices we safely design challenging
and engaging workouts to ensure you’re seeing results and making progress.


Lose Weight

Personalized Attention

Tone & Shape Your Body

Yes, you can slash body fat and get fit.
Take the first step towards a healthier and
happier new you.

At our luxury studio, you will receive 1 to 1 attention.
Proper instruction on how to execute movements
to make sure success is met.

Take your body to the next level with our dynamic
programs specifically designed for you.

We understand how confusing and sometimes frustrating
it is not knowing what to eat and how to eat well.
At Tailormadebodiez we eliminate all lack of clarity for you.
You’ll meet with one of our registered
dieticians to carefully curate your specific meal program that
will drive your metabolism into high gear and
get to your goals even faster!


Top 10 Tailor Made Testaments for Success

How do you measure success? At TailormadeBodiez
we measure success by making sure that your progress is
designed perfectly.From nutrition to training to
motivational tools to guidance. We are with
you every step of the way!

11 Reason to Work With Us

There are so many factors to seeing your fitness goal come
to reality, it can seem stressful or overwhelming.
At Tailormade Bodiez we pinpoint all areas of
concern to make our journey seamless.

Nutrition Advice

Sculpting the perfect you takes a perfect science.
Using our knowledge as certified precision nutritionists
we will design your program to make
sure your body takes form and shape
the way you want. We map out your sensitivities
and food preferences together and form your program.

Our Certifications

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Receive This: 

  • Complimentary Tailormade Shaker Bottle
  • Bodyfat Analysis
  • Biometric Fitness Test
  • Nutritional Guidance Course
  • Goal Setting Blueprint And Much more!